Our Entrepreneurial Training Clients

Graduates of our Entrepreneurial Training program have six weeks of intensive business training under their belts. They’ve assessed their business readiness, honed their offerings to meet the marketplace, and crafted a sound business plan.

See how these budding entrepreneurs made good. And consider joining the next Entrepreneurial Training class.

Name: Lonchando Farms
Location: Jersey City
When Raquel Gonzalez decided to start a commercial farm in the middle of Jersey City, she knew she needed expert business advice. She found that advice and more in UCEDC's Entrepreneurship 101 workshop.
Name: Family Child Care Providers
Location: Union and Essex Counties
Family child care providers often neglect the business side of their operations as they focus on the children in their care. UCEDC's customized business training workshop and $500 no-payment loans are helping these dedicated care-givers to boost their business know-how.
Name: The Carpet Girl
Location: Springfield
Dianne Grossman experienced her “life-changing aha moment” while flipping through a trade magazine called Floor Covering Weekly. There it was…a most startling statistic: “80% of flooring is purchased by women, yet 80% of flooring is sold by men.” She was…well…floored…
Name: REPENT Program
Location: Trenton
UCEDC has been offering entrepreneurial training to small business start-ups and established operations for years. But we've recently entered into a unique partnership that brings our training to a group of would-be entrepreneurs who have more than usual at stake...
Name: Mingletoe
Location: LLC Ocean Grove
In 2012, Maureen Shaffer jumped off a cliff. That’s how she describes going into business for herself after 25 years in the corporate world. The Ocean Grove resident, who has a degree in biomedical engineering, had been employed in the medical...
Name: Younique Probiotics
Location: Union
When Dulce Tanelli embarked on a diet and wellness regime in 2007, her intention was simply to lose weight and feel healthier; at 4’ 11” and 150 pounds, the then 40-year-old Union resident was declared obese by her doctor, and...
Name: Rainbow Ice Company
Location: Ocean Grove
Maureen Fry spent her career in the United States Army where life is defined by standard operating procedures. “We like procedures,” she said of herself and her partners. So when her first effort at finding a post-military career fell short…
Name: Crossroads Nutrition
Location: Fanwood
While UCEDC has been offering entrepreneurial training for years, 2012 marked the first time its graduates were given the opportunity to win a cash award while showing off what they learned.  Thanks to Capital One Bank, we launched the Annual...
Name: SuccessThinkTank.com
Location: Scotch Plains
Serial entrepreneur Mukesh Patel knows how to start a business, run a business, expand a business. So why did he attend UCEDC’s Entrepreneurial Training Initiative? “The more I interact with entrepreneurs at all stages...