Jill Jackson-Jones


Savory Selections Catering
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Jill Jackson-Jones, the co-owner of Savory Selections Catering, renowned for its "food for the soul," proudly received the Businesswoman of the Year award from The Union County Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club, a national non-profit dedicated to supporting and advocating for women business owners and professionals.

Jill and her husband Felton had always dreamed of sharing their love for food with their community. When the right opportunity finally arrived, they embarked on a journey to start their culinary venture, offering delicious and authentic soul cuisine to their community.

However, starting a business from scratch is always challenging, especially in the competitive food industry. Jill and Felton faced numerous hurdles, from developing a business plan to understanding the intricacies of managing a culinary operation. That's when UCEDC entered the picture. Jill applied for UCEDC’s Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) and was accepted in August 2022. The VIP provided Jill with the resources, knowledge, and expertise she needed to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

"UCEDC was instrumental in helping me move my business in the direction I needed to move to the next level," said Jill. "They provided me with invaluable guidance and resources that I wouldn't have found on my own. From workshops to one-on-one support, UCEDC was there for me every step of the way." Jill also shared that UCEDC’s workshops played a pivotal role in educating her about business management, and the Virtual Incubator Program, gave her access to valuable networking opportunities. UCEDC helped Jill transform her passion for catering into a thriving small business.

"I had the privilege of working with Mary Adelman, my business counselor from UCEDC," Jill remarked. "Mary's guidance was priceless. She helped me understand the intricacies of running a business, and her unwavering support made all the difference."
Jill measures her success not just in monetary terms, but in her ability to impact her community positively, the job opportunities Jill and her husband, Felton created, the joy she has helped bring into the lives of her customers, and the small business owners in her community she has inspired to pursue their dreams. UCEDC is proud to have been a part of Jill's entrepreneurship journey and to have contributed to the success of Savory Selections Catering.