Business Tools

Knowledge is Small Business Power: new UCEDC reports now available!
  • You’re starting a new business and want to see if you can take advantage of your county’s Urban Enterprise Zone breaks. Who do you contact?
  • You’re ready to rent or buy a modestly sized retail location in Union County. Where are the listings?
  • You’re writing your business plan and need some demographic data to confirm your sales projections. Who has the latest figures?
  • You’re trying to decide which Chambers of Commerce you should join. What are your choices?

The answer to all these questions and many more can be found in UCEDC’s business reports. Updated annually, these reports will provide you with the business insights you need to make smart decisions.

Business Resource Guides

Individual Guides for all 21 NJ counties can be accessed here. Inside the Guide, you’ll find a comprehensive listing and contact information for agencies and organizations that are focused on helping small businesses.

Realtor Roundtable

Get inside information and insight about Union County commercial real estate from top-tier realtors.

Union County Economic and Demographic Profile

This report offers key statistics about the county’s population, labor force, housing market, educational system, and more.

Union County Key Elected Officials

Your one-stop source for contact information for federal, state, county and local officials.

Major Commercial Development Projects in Union County

This listing of recently completed, in process, and proposed projects will give you a head start in projecting their impact, good and bad, on your small business.

Major Employers in Union County

If you need to know who the bigger players are in the county, this report will give you the information you need.