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Adam Farrah

Erich Peter
Executive Vice President:

Elizabeth Williams
Vice President, Lending:

Candida Sadigh
Office Manager:

Gregory Fabijanczuk, CPA
Chief Financial Officer:

Nagina Grandison
Staff Accountant:

Ellen McHenry
Senior Director of Financial Programs:

Mark Leichtling
Loan Officer:

Eric Wallis
Loan Officer:

Fernando Dager
Loan Officer:

Diana Grandez
Portfolio Manager:

Stacy Thomas
Director of Marketing:

Rogers Ramsey
Marketing & Communications Officer:

Maryann Williams
Director of Procurement Programs:


Nadine Clark
Procurement Counselor:

Joseph Lamberti
Director of Training:

Alejandro Cruz
Training Officer:

Lenny Joseph

Program Manager:

Mary Adelman
Business Counselor: