Video Quick Views

Videos are a great source of information about starting and growing a small business. We’re pleased to share this select compilation of high-quality offerings from credible sources to complement the more indepth discussions you’ll enjoy in our business workshops and Entrepreneurship 101 course.  We’ll continue to add more selections so check back often.

Choosing Your Business Legal Structure

Deciding how to set-up your business can have serious tax and liability implications. Watch this video to learn about the pros and cons of various structures and what you’ll need to do to legally establish your business.  Ready to dig deeper on this subject and many more?  Check our calendar to find the next session of “Entrepreneurship 101”.
Source: LiftFund US, a Texas-based non-profit organization, providing millions of dollars in microloans and other small business loans to women, start-ups, and entrepreneurs with limited access to capital.

Franchising, Defined and Explained

There are many roads to small business ownership and franchising may be the right one for you. This video introduces the concept of franchise ownership through a step-by-step process. Stay tuned for our next small business workshop on this topic where you will be able to ask a live franchising expert any questions you may have.
Source: Education Unlocked gives access to free resources on business education and financial literacy to the world. Their lessons range from “Introduction to Accounting” to “Bonds” and are provided free on their website.

Separating Ideas from Viable Business Opportunities

Before embarking on the challenging journey of entrepreneurship, it’s important to assess the real-world viability of your business idea. This is the basis for our “Entrepreneurship 101” 6-week course. If you are unsure of how to go about testing your idea, watch this short video which explains the difference between an idea and an opportunity. Then explore and solidify your idea in our Entrepreneurship 101 course.
Source: is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. Videos feature the world’s top experts who are the best in their field, passionate about their subject matter, and know how to teach.

Credit Reporting:  How it Works

Your personal credit score can make or break your ability to secure financing for your small business. Learn more about your credit report and how to obtain one by watching this video. And keep an eye out for our next “Your Credit & You” workshop to get answers to your questions!
Source: TransUnion provides credit information and smart solutions to help businesses and individuals build stronger economies around the world.

What Do I Charge- Find Your Product Pricing Sweet Spot

Determining a price for your product or service is often the most difficult (and uncomfortable) decision you’ll have to make as a business owner. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential in order to have a functioning business. This video takes a fun approach to a serious subject and gives plenty of food for thought.  But if you’re looking for more detail, including how to find your break-even price, and more, be sure to attend our next “Pricing Your Products and Services” workshop.  Check our calendar for a session near you.
Source: In her award winning online show, MarieTV, Marie Forleo answers viewer questions and provides tips for living life to the fullest, and turning your dreams into a profitable reality. 

Why Segment Your Market

“The customer is always right.” While that may be true, it’s not much help if you don’t know who your customers really are. Knowing who your target market is allows you to shape your products and services around their needs and demands and helps you build a more effective marketing strategy. And explaining who will buy your product and why is a critical component of your business plan, which you will need to present when applying for financing. This video addresses the driving forces behind segmentation and prepares you to take the next step.
Source: Soma Jurgensen, Chair, School of Business at Rasmussen College and founder of Intentional Growth Strategies, a management consulting and training company.