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UCEDC’s Apex Accelerator: Your Gateway to Government Contracts

Government agencies purchase billions of dollars worth of goods and services produced by small businesses. If you’re looking to participate in the government marketplace, UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator program can give you the advantage you need.

UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator program is a free, comprehensive resource that gives businesses a wealth of information on how to market and sell their products and services to government agencies.

Our procurement specialists have over 24 years of combined experience in private industry and government procurement. So, whether you’re just starting out with government bids or are looking to build on past success, we can help.

How we Help your Business Grow

One-to-One Counseling

UCEDC’s procurement specialists will work with you to identify and build relationships with the right federal, state, and local agencies that buy your products and services. We also help you develop targeted marketing strategies.

Registrations & Certifications

We’ll guide you through the complex process of government registrations and assist you in becoming a qualified government contractor. We can also help you with the certification process for small business programs.

Identifying Bid Leads

We match your company’s product or service with daily bid notices. Each day, our electronic bid match system scans a list of government solicitations that show what specific agencies are planning to buy. Then we notify you of bids relevant to your product or service.


Our team will assist you in finding what agency is buying what you are selling. You’ll have greater success if you market your product or service to the right buyer.

Proposal Development

Producing a clear, responsive proposal is key to winning contracts. We’ll review your proposal as it evolves and recommend ways to make it stronger and more compelling.

Free Webinars

UCEDC offers FREE webinars presented in partnership with federal, state, and local agencies to help you better understand their particular needs and identify new opportunities.


We educate clients about federal, state, and local government regulations and procedures that govern procurement. We’ll help you stay in compliance with these sometimes confusing rules and regulations.

Subcontracting Assistance

We help identify possible business opportunities with prime contractors that offer subcontracting work to small businesses. These arrangements can open new markets for your business.

General Services Administration (GSA)

The GSA connects vendors to thousands of government agencies. Every year, the government buys billions of dollars in goods and services from GSA schedules, eliminating the need for direct bidding. Our experienced staff will explain the GSA schedule program to you and see if it’s a good match for your business.