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APEX Accelerators help qualified businesses:

  • Complete registration with a wide range of databases necessary for them to participate in the government marketplace (e.g., SAM).
  • Identify which agencies and offices may need their products or services and how to connect.
  • Assist with appropriate federal, state and local certifications
  • Navigate solicitations and potential funding opportunities.
  • Receive notifications of government contract opportunities on a regular basis.
  • Network with buying officers, prime contractors, and other businesses.

If your business meets these criteria, we’d be delighted to discuss how our Apex Accelerator can support your growth and development further:

  • Established Business: Your business should be operating in the industry for at least 12 months, with all necessary legal formalities completed. This included appropriate insurance coverage and relevant licensure as required by law for your industry.
  • Sales or Relevant Experience: We expect businesses to have a history of sales or relevant experience pertaining to the required work. This demonstrates your capability and readiness to engage with our accelerator program effectively.
  • Adequate Cash Flow: It’s essential that your business has adequate cash flow to provide the service or product until payment is received. This ensures that you can sustain your operations and fulfill your obligations without financial strain during the contracting process.
  • Credit worthy: your business has a good financial standing and a history of reliably fulfilling financial obligations.
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