Next Level Business Planning

Take your business from surviving to thriving

Are you ready to break through your business obstacles and get to the next level?

Image converted using ifftoanySooner or later, every business owner gets to a tipping point  where the decisions they make and the actions they take can mean the difference between failure or success, stagnation or growth.  Moving in the right direction requires a strong foundation in basic business skills and the know-how to assess and respond to current conditions and future projections.

This intensive six-week workshop will guide you in identifying the barriers keeping you from  success and crafting a practical, real-world plan to overcome them.


  • Identify roadblocks in key areas of your business
  • Learn how to spot new opportunities for growth
  • Create or refine your business plan to accurately reflect the current conditions affecting your business
  • Develop operational structure and efficiencies to move your business to the next level
  • Work closely with instructors during class and in off hours to create or refine your business plan
  • Present your business plan to a panel of independent experts for feedback and advice
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring for 12 months on successful completion of the class

What you will cover


  • Track how your business is performing against goals
  • Revise goals to reflect current conditions and objectives
  • Determine key factors to focus on to achieve your goals

Business Planning

  • Create or refine your business plan to account for historical factors and current conditions
  • Create milestones for your business
  • Revise financial projections
  • Develop effective staffing and management plans
  • Review and update marketing plan to better reach your target market

Best Practices

  • Share strategies and ideas with fellow business owners
  • Learn how to do effective business research
  • Get access to business and subject matter experts who can help you move to the next level

Who should attend

Businesses that have been in operation for two or more years and are looking to improve their position, expand, or prepare for future growth.

Upcoming Sessions

January 23 – February 27, 2018
Cranford, NJ
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