Rafael Cruzado


Rafael Cruzado, the owner of HR Cleaning, embarked on a journey to bring clarity and tranquility to people's lives through his unique approach to cleaning. His story intertwines with the support and guidance he received from UCEDC's Entrepreneurship as a Second Chance (ESC) program, which has helped this thriving cleaning business showcase how it extends beyond mere tidiness.

The ESC program, tailored for formerly incarcerated or court-involved individuals seeking to reintegrate into society through entrepreneurship, offered Rafael a unique opportunity. With intensive training, two years of personalized mentoring, and comprehensive business plan development, UCEDC equipped Rafael with the tools he needed to take his business to new heights.

Rafael's venture, HR Cleaning, specializes in residential cleaning units catering to apartments, vacant spaces, and occupied units. His innovative focus on "mindful cleaning" sets his business apart from traditional cleaning services. Rafael believes that a clean home fosters a clear mindset, contributing to improved well-being and productivity.

Through his collaboration with UCEDC, Rafael refined his business strategies, capitalized on market opportunities, and developed innovative solutions. His mentor, UCEDC Training Officer Dr. Jairo Borja, offered expertise and guidance that helped Rafael identify areas for improvement and implement effective changes.

One of the key takeaways from Rafael's experience with ESC is the importance of clarity in business. He believes that having a clear vision empowers entrepreneurs to chart their paths and work towards tangible goals. UCEDC played a pivotal role in helping Rafael gain this clarity, guiding him to make informed decisions that accelerated HR Cleaning's growth.

If you're seeking a partner in creating a clean and mindful haven within your living space, HR Cleaning is the answer. Rafael Cruzado's dedication to "mindful cleaning" is a unique approach that stands out in the cluttered world of cleaning services.

To learn more about HR Cleaning's offerings or to experience the benefits of mindful cleaning, visit their website at hrcleaninglp.com or connect with them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (@HRCleaningLP). Rafael can also be reached directly at (347) 235-2433.

At UCEDC, we look forward to supporting and witnessing Rafael’s continued success!