Gladys Vonghlan


Gladys Vonghlan is the kind of person who becomes an immediate inspiration to everyone she meets. She has an infectious energy about her that is equal parts drive and enthusiasm, and it’s hard not to take notice of her success. Gladys initially came to UCEDC in 2018 when she was looking to get started with government contracting. She says before coming to UCEDC, she had difficulty getting into the niche of government contracts because she lacked the connections and resources.

When asked about her experience with UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator department, Gladys says she feels blessed that she’s had the opportunity to utilize UCEDC’s government contracting services which have helped her tremendeously. She shares that after four years, they can see the results.

During COVID-19, Gladys stayed on top of government contracting opportunities. She says UCEDC’s team always answered her emails and calls, and she’s proud to say that Gladys’ Cleaning Service has now received several government contracts. Their awarded contracts include Westfield Downtown, Essex County, and now the Port Authority, where they’ve been contracted to conduct post-construction cleanup for thirteen restaurants and retailers at the new Terminal A at Newark Airport.

In addition to UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator services, Gladys also graduated from UCEDC’s Virtual Incubator Program, which helps diverse business owners from underserved backgrounds with training, mentorship, and access to capital. Gladys credits the program with teaching her new strategies for marketing and sales and helping her to think about growing her business to the next level. She says Gladys’ Cleaning Service has gone from a consumer and residential business to one that now offers B2B services and works with the government.

In fact, Gladys has so much to offer that she now runs seminars to give back to the community by teaching solopreneur cleaning businesses, especially Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish women, how to convert their jobs into successful careers in the cleaning industry.