Happiness Akaniro


Happiness Akaniro is an accomplished artist and the creative force behind Happiness International LLC, a company renowned for designing and producing the popular BubaLapa brand of products. Happiness has always been passionate about art and pursued her love for creativity throughout her life. She holds a master's degree in fine art, which has helped shape her unique artistic vision.

Despite her artistic background, Happiness discovered the need to be entrepreneurial in order to sell her creations and make a sustainable business out of her passion. Although she never considered herself a business person initially, she embraced the challenges and worked diligently to establish her brand in the market.

In 2022, Happiness enrolled in UCEDC's Virtual Incubator Program (VIP), which proved to be a transformative experience for her as an artist-turned-entrepreneur. She credits the program as one of the best things that happened to her business. Through the VIP, Happiness gained invaluable knowledge, skills, and resources that helped her navigate the complexities of running a successful business.

As part of the VIP, Happiness was paired with Alejandro Cruz, UCEDC's Training Officer, who has become her mentor. Alejandro's guidance and expertise have been instrumental in Happiness's entrepreneurial journey. She describes him as a constant source of support, always available to provide advice and help her overcome challenges along the way.

Happiness Akaniro's dedication to her craft and her entrepreneurial spirit have propelled Hapiness International LLC and the BubaLapa brand to great success. With her artistic background, she continues to create stunning artwork that serves as the foundation for her product designs. Her products have gained widespread recognition for their unique artistic aesthetic, attracting a loyal customer base.

As Happiness continues to expand her business, she remains committed to staying true to her artistic roots while nurturing her entrepreneurial skills. She plans to further grow the BubaLapa brand, exploring new product lines and expanding into new markets. With the support of UCEDC, Happiness is confident in her ability to navigate the challenges and achieve continued success.

Happiness Akaniro's inspiring journey from artist to entrepreneur serves as a testament to the power of creativity, determination, and the importance of seeking guidance and support along the way.