PTAC Helps Business Deliver Government Contracts

Name: 24/7 Courier Services
Location: Mountainside, NJ

Getting his own business up and running was a slow and laborious process for Alberic Jean- Baptiste, owner of 24/7 Courier Services, based in Mountainside, NJ. His efforts were interrupted first by the terror attacks of 9/11 and then by his education.

But today, with the help of UCEDC’s government procurement experts, what was once little more than a dream is a thriving reality. Baptiste has several government contracts and does business all around the country.

The idea for 24/7 started forming when Baptiste worked for UPS. After suspending his business in 2001, he decided to go back to school, graduating from Kean University in 2007 with a degree in International Business.

“I knew about UCEDC before (2007),” he said, “but I didn’t have the time to focus on the business then. I was doing too many things at the same time.”

As soon as he graduated, Baptiste contacted UCEDC’s procurement director. “UCEDC’s procurement department showed me everything: They worked with me on how to register with the government. They helped me get registered and showed me how to look for contracts on federal websites. And they showed me how to get emails when a government contract that matched my services became available,” Baptiste recalled.

And he got quite a few. His first government contract came as a subcontract for the Veterans Administration. That has led to others including contracts with the Department of the Interior and Department of Homeland Security. Working for DHS, he says, requires additional levels of security screening and clearance.

24/7 has grown consistently since its relaunch in 2007. From 2007 to 2008, business jumped 300 percent; from 2008 to 2009 – despite the recession – business grew 40 percent. But Baptiste is not satisfied. He strives for continual improvement and to live by his motto: Quality and Integrity.