Tuition Assistance Loan Program

Congratulations on your student’s partial scholarship! We are thrilled to be able to help you with tuition. We are happy to announce that The Scholarship Fund For Inner-City Children, UCEDC, and Investors Bank, are offering the opportunity to borrow up to $2,500 with zero interest or fees to families in need of tuition assistance beyond the scholarship their student has already received.

Tuition Assistance Loan Program Terms & Conditions

AMOUNT: Max of $2,500 – One Loan Per Family
TERM: Two Years (24 payments)
INTEREST: 0% (5% interest for families whose child did NOT receive a scholarship)
COLLATERAL: Personal Guarantee
USE OF FUNDS: Tuition Coverage

Minimum credit score of 600
Borrowers must demonstrate financial ability to repay the loan
Borrowers must be Low-to-Moderate income New Jersey residents
Borrowers must have a credit profile with no more than three slow pays within the past three years
Funds are dispersed directly to the student’s school

If you could benefit from this Tuition Assistance Loan Program, please apply below