Interview with UCEDC Virtual Incubator Program Participant Lakeisha Littles

Lakeisha (La) Littles, the owner of You Fitness based in Newark, New Jersey, was one of UCEDC’s Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) participants. Through the VIP, selected businesses with ownership from underserved populations received mentorship, training, and funds to help meet the challenges of this moment.

While diverse businesses have struggled to find resources in the current economic climate, UCEDC’s goal is to provide them with the support they need. Our first session comprised twelve businesses from across New Jersey, ranging from food service to STEM tutoring.

Lakeisha’s small business, You Fitness, is a health and wellness center that started out as a dance fitness studio. It opened in October 2018 and now, in addition to dance fitness, it has grown to become a meaningful space for workshops, suicide prevention meetings, self-defense classes, and more. According to La’s website, “Her vision is a world where confidence, good vibes, daily acts of self-love and care are a regular part of life.” She says, “I thought this journey was about me, but I’ve found that it isn’t, it’s about us and more importantly, it’s about YOU!”

In this video, Lakeisha talks with UCEDC’s Director of Training, Joe Lamberti, about her experience with the VIP program and how it has helped her business.