Client Spotlight: Entrepreneurship as a Second Chance Graduate, Ronelle Bush

We met Ronelle Bush earlier this year when he applied for UCEDC’s Entrepreneurship as a Second Chance (ESC) program.

After his release in November of 2020, Ron had aspirations of owning his own towing company. Since then, he created an LLC for his towing and roadside service company, Godzhand.

With his infectious positivity and drive, Ronelle was not only accepted into UCEDC’s comprehensive ESC program but has also completed the eight weeks of workshops and graduated. He continues to work with his mentor, UCEDC training officer Alejandro Cruz and says he talks with him as often as twice a month.

Ron says he owes Alejandro and UCEDC a lot. While working three jobs, his main one being for a transportation company that often helps patients get to their dialysis or other medical treatments, he works hard in his time off to get all the pieces in place for his towing company.

Mr. Bush tells us he already has three contracts and is working on getting the capital needed to purchase a brand new tow truck. In the meantime, he works with Alejandro to make sure the logistics of running a business, specifically tracking expenses, creating a business plan, and drafting a mission statement, are all set so Ronelle can hit the ground running as soon as he acquires the tow truck he needs to grow his business.

We hope you’ll watch our full interview with UCEDC’s Director of Training, Joe Lamberti, and Ronelle Bush (by clicking on the image above) to hear his first-hand experience with UCEDC’s ESC program and his ambitions for Godzhand, LLC and his future.

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