Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, an Interview with Hilda Mera, Co-Owner of S&A Auto Repair

Before Hispanic Heritage month comes to a close, we wanted to share this touching interview with UCEDC client and Virtual Incubator Program graduate Hilda Mera of S&A Auto Repair. In this interview, Hilda shares the origin story of S&A Auto Repair, including the struggles they faced and how much her success has meant to her as an Ecuadorian immigrant.

One thing that sets S&A Auto Repair apart from other auto mechanics is their women’s empowerment classes, where they teach women the “language of their car.” Hilda aims to educate women so they can be independent and avoid being taken advantage of when it comes to servicing their cars.

After being raised in Ecuador, Hilda moved to the United States when she was 20. She says she “attributes her career success to her upbringing, and to her parents for instilling in her how positive rewards come from hard work, dedication, and perseverance.”

We are thrilled to announce that S&A Auto Repair continues to thrive and grow. Hilda and her husband Jose, who are dedicated to providing affordable and trustworthy service, just opened their second S&A Auto Repair location in Kearny, New Jersey!