Meet Our Clients

We’re proud to have had a role in helping so many small businesses throughout New Jersey to start, grow and thrive. While each client is unique, they all share some common characteristics: an unshakable belief in their business, a willingness to work as long and hard as it takes, and a relentless drive to stay competitive.

Read their stories and be inspired. And then contact us to see how we can help you.

Name: 24/7 Courier Services
Location: Mountainside, NJ
Al Baptiste's business suffered some fits and starts in the early days. But 24/7 Courier Services has been up and running strong for several years now, thanks in part to govt. contracting assistance from UCEDC.
Name: LC Engineers
Location: Rahway, NJ
UCEDC’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented to a business owner demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit, the potential for long-term business success, the ability to overcome obstacles, a commitment to the community, and innovation...
Name: Marine Design and Operations
Location: Kenilworth, NJ
Searching for government contracts that could boost revenue is important, but it takes one of the most precious resources a business owner has: time. Raj Sengupta, president of Marine Design and Operations, Inc., has...
Name: Solar Compounds
Location: Linden NJ
UCEDC’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) prides itself on going the extra mile to help small businesses win government contracts. For Solar Compounds Corp. of Linden, the path doesn’t matter so much as...
Name: Mingletoe
Location: LLC Ocean Grove
In 2012, Maureen Shaffer jumped off a cliff. That’s how she describes going into business for herself after 25 years in the corporate world. The Ocean Grove resident, who has a degree in biomedical engineering, had been employed in the medical...
Name: Younique Probiotics
Location: Union
When Dulce Tanelli embarked on a diet and wellness regime in 2007, her intention was simply to lose weight and feel healthier; at 4’ 11” and 150 pounds, the then 40-year-old Union resident was declared obese by her doctor, and...
Name: Rainbow Ice Company
Location: Ocean Grove
Maureen Fry spent her career in the United States Army where life is defined by standard operating procedures. “We like procedures,” she said of herself and her partners. So when her first effort at finding a post-military career fell short…
Name: A3 Contracting
Location: Linden
Sometimes, the most important asset a business can have is hope. Abdoul and Charlotte Diakite, the co-owners of A3 Contracting in Linden, NJ., had the skills, the drive, the work ethic and the...
Name: King Rehab Services Inc.
Location: Toms River
Christina King wasn’t looking for royal treatment when seeking physical therapy 10 years ago. Just some relief for her aching back. “My first job was as a traveling physical therapist,” King recalled recently. “Then I had my own back problems…