Linden Business Seals the Deal Thanks to UCEDC

Name: Solar Compounds
Location: Linden NJ

UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator (Formally known as PTAC) prides itself on going the extra mile to help small businesses win government contracts. For Solar Compounds Corp. of Linden, the path doesn’t matter so much as the end result.

“The most delightful aspect of our affiliation with APEX has been that they’ve not only helped us, but they’ve helped our customers,” Solar Compounds Corp. Executive Vice President Joseph Barbanel said. “One of our largest customers has gained significant military supply business with APEX’s help, which has resulted in substantial business for us. Although that’s not a direct sale, it counts every bit as much.”

Solar Compounds was founded in 1920 to manufacture varnishes for the wire finishing industry. Today, production focuses on sealants, adhesives and coating compounds for the wire and cable industry.

The majority of Solar Compounds’ work involves customizing products for other companies. “We find out what our customer needs to differentiate their product, and we try to develop a product specifically for the customer,” Barbanel said.

Solar Compounds has looked to APEX for assistance in two primary areas over the past five years: governmental regulations and bid notifications.

“There are several areas of government business in which Solar Compounds has participated over the years,” Barbanel said. “Over time it’s become much more complex, much more challenging. APEX has helped us navigate the morass of the regulatory environment. For example, APEX helps us understand and navigate purchasing protocol.”

In addition, APEX provides daily bid leads by searching for keywords selected by Solar Compounds to find government solicitations the company might want to pursue. “It’s crucial to know what’s going on, to be given the opportunity to go forward when the opportunities meet our business plans,” Barbanel said.

“APEX also has helped us to get in position to resume supplying to the government in an area where we had been displaced,” he said.

APEX training and networking sessions give Solar Compounds representatives the opportunity to interact and network with government agency buyers as well as other small business owners. “That’s helpful,” Barbanel said, “to commiserate with someone in the same trench as you are.”

Solar Compounds plans to increase its governmental contract work and recognizes its relationship with APEX is integral to its success. “As we take a look at our strategic planning, as we identify areas where government agencies would be our best customers, we’ll be looking to partner with APEX to help put us in the right position,” Barbanel said.

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