Jason Frigerio, ND, LAC

Name: New Jersey Natural Medicine
Location: Bedminster, NJ (future location)

Like his counterparts in conventional western medicine, Jason Frigerio, ND, LAC, spent over a decade on his medical education.  But unlike his counterparts, his field of study focused on naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine – all forms of healing arts that emphasize a holistic approach to disease prevention and treatment.

Outside the mainstream of medicine, Dr. Frigerio worked hard to get his practice, NJ Natural Medicine, off the ground after graduating in 2004.  UCEDC was happy to help back then by providing a microloan to fund equipment and working capital.  After a few difficult years, Dr. Frigerio was able to build a burgeoning practice thanks to his passion and skills and a growing recognition of alternative medicine.

So burgeoning, in fact, that he has reached maximum capacity in the two exam-room space he is currently leasing in New Vernon, NJ.  There, he treats a wide range of conditions with therapeutic interventions, counseling, and testing.

Ready to make the move to larger quarters where he could expand his practice capacity, Dr. Frigerio purchased medical office space in Bedminster, NJ.  With five exam rooms and two additional medical office rental units, it was the perfect solution for him and his patients.  But without sufficient collateral, he could not get all of the funding he needed to complete necessary renovations. So he turned to UCEDC once again for assistance.

Our Community Advantage 7a loan program was the answer – this SBA guaranteed loan product allows us to apply flexible collateral requirements to sound projects like Dr. Frigerio’s.  With this financing option, Dr. Frigerio will be able to complete his renovations, take on new patients and hire additional staff.

“It was a micro loan from the UCEDC that allowed me to start my practice 14 years ago when no other bank was willing to take the risk," recalls Dr. Frigerio. "Now, all these years later, they've made it possible for me to expand my business and couldn't have been more supportive, caring, and communicative."

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4 Village Road, New Vernon, NJ  07977 (current location - will be moving to Bedminster)