Fabian Howe

Name: Farmers Insurance
Location: Ocean Township

Like millions of Americans, Fabian Howe and his wife took a big hit during the recent housing crisis and recession.  He lost two corporate sales positions within three years  in down-sizings and his credit report suffered, jeopardizing the solid middle class life he had worked so hard to achieve.

Fabian proudly displays a performance award from Farmers Insurance
Fabian proudly displays a performance award from Farmers Insurance

But Fabian saw his lay-off as an opportunity to reinvent himself .  With fourteen years of sales and account management experience behind him, he launched a Farmers Insurance agency in 2013.  He started out commuting three hours a day to one of Farmers’ main offices in Cherry Hill.  Within a year,  Fabian built a large enough portfolio to move into his own one-room space above a dentist’s office, ten minutes from his home.

Hard work paid off and despite being in a hard-to-find location, Fabian was ready to move into larger, more accessible quarters by 2015.

Fabian found the perfect location in Ocean Township with plenty of visibility from a busy highway. The only catch  - he needed help to defray his start-up costs, like the security deposit, two months’ rent, and leasehold improvements.  He needed $15,000 along with his own $5,000 to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, Fabian could not find a bank willing to take a chance on his young business and damaged credit history. That’s when UCEDC stepped in.

UCEDC saw an experienced professional who had built a sustainable business and was willing to work as hard as it took to make it successful.  We were happy to provide Fabian with a microloan to give him the start-up boost he needed and hope he will come back to UCEDC for future financing when he’s ready to grow even more.

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