Edith Younger

Name: A Cut Above
Location: New Brunswick, NJ

When Edith Younger took on New Brunswick’s redevelopment juggernaut back in the mid-90’s to protect her hair salon business, A Cut Above, she was determined to continue her business’s growth into the future.  The City wanted to tear down her building to make way for a new corporate plaza and its buy-out offer wouldn’t begin to cover Edith’s investment into her thriving salon.

After waging a formidable grass-roots campaign of letter-writing, meeting attendance, and calling in favors from influential customers, Edith cut a favorable deal to move into the new upscale development – the only original business to do so.

That was in 1998; since then, Edith has guided her now 31-year old business through good times and bad. Her loyal clientele has helped her maintain a steady revenue stream, but like all savvy business owners, Edith’s always on the look-out for new sources of income.  She found just that in 2016 when she carved out a niche for clients with hair thinning/loss issues.  The salon offers routine care for wigs, weaves and toupees in order to keep them looking healthy and natural.  The result: a 26% increase in sales!

With a new source of business and four stylists and cosmetologists on staff, Edith wanted to freshen up her salon.  When she researched her financing options, she couldn’t pass up UCEDC’s 3% working capital loan program. The low fixed rate made repayment very manageable and she didn’t have to tie up any assets for collateral.

“I thank UCEDC for helping me through a rough patch. I am ever so grateful for the assistance!” says Edith.

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Contact Edith at A Cut Above

335 George St. – Liberty Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08901