Charlotte Diakite, Owner of A3 Contracting LLC, Shares Her Experience with UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator

Government agencies purchase billions of dollars worth of goods and services produced by small businesses. If you’re looking to participate in the government marketplace, the UCEDC APEX Accelerator (formerly PTAC) can give you the advantage you need.

UCEDC’s APEX Accelerator program is a free, comprehensive resource that gives businesses a wealth of information on how to market and sell their products and services to government agencies.

To learn more about getting started in government contracting, click here to see our upcoming classes. Or request assistance from our APEX Accelerator Counselors via the form below!

Our procurement specialists have decades of experience in private industry and government procurement. So, whether you’re just starting out with government bids or are looking to build on past success, we can help.

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